Hearing the Call: Day two in Guatemala WNWO – Toledo (Tuesday, January 10, 2017)

By March 5, 2017 Media

Hearing the Call and a team including Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic continues to help people in Guatemala.

Laura is just one of the hundreds of people in Guatemala who were treated last year by the mission group. She was brought to tears when she was finally able to hear out of her left ear for the first time. Laura came back this year to the hearing clinic in Panajachel, along with several hundred other people.

The team set up in a make-shift clinic at a school on the mountainside. One of the keys to success is sustainability and helping people year after year.

“She can now hear things that she couldn’t hear before like the laughter of the children she works with and she told me before also she hears much better in church and she works with a small group of children, and she can follow the conversation much better. Said Rachel Otto.

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