Entheos (n.)

the loving heart; enthusiasm

Nothing moves our hearts like the “hearing smile”: the radiant look of joy that spreads across a patient’s face that first time he or she can hear sound after years of silence. The power of that first connection drives us.

Entheos Audiology Cooperative was founded on the principle that the practice of hearing healthcare is a privilege. We believe that a give-as-you-go model is a tremendous way to serve your patients and community, while achieving the goals of independent practice ownership. We also firmly believe that the key to reinvigorating practitioners is reconnecting them with the meaning of what they do everyday and highlighting these efforts in their communities in a new light. At Entheos, our goal is to connect people to greater meaning and allow their talents to shine. We put the focus on people, not the bottom line.

We’re guided by our

Core Values

Leadership Through Service

Find projects connected to your passions — help serve people around you.  

Positive Objectivity

Have a problem-solving perspective on life’s challenges — recognize the ways difficulty serves you.


Share your life with a person or people who love you unconditionally.

Our model is based on three key concepts:

Guiding Principles


Being 100% Member-Owned means that you buy from yourself. The benefits of the organization stay with the members as services and dividends. The governance and ownership is dictated by the members and the member-elected Board of Directors. As your practice benefits from the strength of the cooperative, you retain peace of mind knowing that you always have a voice.

  • We cannot be acquired
  • One Member, One Vote
  • Entheos exists and works for the members
  • Our missions to maximize member value

Best Practices

Best Practices lead to the best patient outcomes. When a patient visits an Entheos-member practice, they will know that they are receiving professional and comprehensive care. Entheos members receive industry-specific management consultation and discounts on supplies to support this commitment. Let’s raise the bar for patient care.

  • Clinical and Business Best Practices
  • Unique marketing, media, and community engagement programs
  • Train, develop and engage your staff like never before


The give-as-you-go model benefits patients, communities, and the future of hearing health care. The team at Entheos can help you implement a strong, sustainable community-service model that can also benefit your for-profit business.  Members support Give-As-You-Go efforts of members at home and abroad. You can also participate directly in:

  • International Hearing Humanitarian Trips

  • Local hearing projects

  • We can help you found your own non-profit, raise funds, and build community partnerships

Our Team

Our diverse team features talents from several professional industries. Each person shares the passion at the heart of Entheos.

Nora Stewart

Chief Vision Officer

Audiologist and private practice owner of HearCare Audiology for 16 years.

Nora is the heart and soul of this operation. She heard a call four years ago to move the idea that giving is good for business from the thin pages of the book The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann into thick action. With the help of many tremendous people she founded HearCare Connection, a local not-for-profit hearing center in her community. It created a way to help anyone desiring better hearing receive it and to ensure that no person would be prevented from participating fully in life due to hearing loss. In three years since incorporating the give-as-you-go business model, her private practice has been uplifted and everyone in the practice is benefiting from an inspired culture, reduced marketing budget and double digit growth in sales.

``My why is very simple, to help the good guys win. I believe to my core that quality hearing health care matters and the people involved in the day-to-day delivery are the people that directly impact patients' lives. Together we can forge a better future.``

Sandy Riley

Director of Operations

Two words: Human; dynamo. Administration officer, 36 years.

She was the first volunteer for the local hearing not-for-profit, HearCare Connection. She saw what Ken and Nora were trying to do and offered to help organize and run the first community fundraiser. She worked tirelessly (gratis) to recruit volunteers, obtain donations and organize a night of fun and fundraising. Her organizational skills are outstanding but her desire to always put others first is what makes her first class.

``The reason I work for Entheos is because I want to do my part to make this world a better place. I know Entheos makes the world a better place because I witness the beauty of Entheos in many places in many different ways.``

Barry Becker

Director of Operations

Barry brings over 35 years of Finance and Operations experience to Entheos Audiology Cooperative. He has a B.S. in Accounting from Indiana University, is a CPA and has held many positions in these fields over his career. He also actively participates in the leadership of his church and homeowner’s association and enjoys taking hikes in the woods. Recently he was offered the exciting opportunity to share his expertise with this diverse and energetic Entheos community. His goals are to develop, refine and execute activities and processes that are integral to the function of Entheos; support staff, deliver value to members and most importantly, embody the spirit of our 3 Core Values: Servant Leadership; Objective Positivity; and Community. He and his wife Patricia have raised 2 great kids, Jessica and Daniel, and currently live in Fort Wayne, IN.

``At Entheos, I embrace the opportunity to share my expertise with this diverse and energetic community. My goals are to develop, refine, and execute activities and processes that are integral to the efficient functioning of Entheos; support staff, deliver value to members and most importantly, embody the spirit of our three core values: Servant Leadership, Objective Positivity and Community.

My role includes many operational and financial aspects of the cooperative including budget planning, financial reporting, cash management, statutory compliance, humanitarian mission support and data collection.``

Alan Wagmeister

Director of Communication

Alan Wagmeister, Director of Communication, is a former news director with more than 20 years in the television news business. He is an award winning journalist including an Emmy Award and Associated Press award for Best Documentary. Alan’s career began with ABC News in New York working on national news magazine called Day One with Diane Sawyer and Forest Sawyer. He worked for ABC News for several years including shows such as Turning Point, PrimeTime Live and 20/20. Alan later joined Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and then NBC News Documentaries. Alan became familiar with Entheos Audioloy Cooperative while working on a documentary for his T.V. station. He went on the Zambia trip which greatly touched him. “Going on the mission trip reminded me of why I got into the news business. I wanted to help people,” says Alan. “Most of my work stems from that idea … whether it be an investigation to help a group of people and point out an injustice or just helping one person at a time. That’s what I wanted to do. When I saw the great work Entheos was doing, I could not pass up this opportunity to try to make a difference.” Alan has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University in Mass Communications and a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from New York University. He currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with is wife, Mary, and his daughter, Kyra.

``I want you to picture a little girl, quiet and sullen. Her father says she is deaf and mute. Now imagine that same little girl but the image has changed. She is now smiling and interactive. That is a little girl named Sylvia who I met in Zambia 2 years ago.

Before Entheos, I did not know the issues that kids and adults face with hearing loss. Seeing Sylvia hear for the very first time and then speak showed me there is hope for her future and many more like her. That’s why I am a part of the team to help spread the word both domestically and internationally about the importance of hearing healthcare and showing people why it’s important to care about your hearing as well as others.``

Laurel Gregory

Director of Training & Development

Laurel is the Director of Training & Development, providing workshops, training and growth opportunities with a focus on culture building & employee engagement. Laurel states, “I delight in igniting synergy in teams and energizing individuals faced with burn-out. My passion is to help unlock team potential by creating a business culture that embraces employees and customers.” By combining her real world experience with inventive tools, she strives to provide a unique approach to developing teams that are connected, energized and innovative. She envisions a future where everyone (employees and employers) feels valued and contributing to making a positive impact on the world. Outside of work, Laurel is president of her local AAUW (American Association of University Women) branch, sits on Pacific University’s Center for Gender Equity Board of Directors, and is a volunteer ambassador for Shared Hope International. On a lighter side, she enjoys hiking, meditating and of course, chocolate.

``My joining Entheos Audiology Cooperative was like joining a magnificent puzzle where my piece fit precisely. A place that values people over everything else. A place where I can nurture my calling to help create cultures where everyone, owners, employees and patients alike, feel valued and appreciated. A place where we believe that it’s not just about the business, it’s about the people and the lives that we touch.``

Maggie Conroy

Director of Programs

Coming from the corporate and start-up world of High Tech in Silicon Valley, my personal why for joining the Entheos team is to combine my spiritual beliefs with my career goals for the benefit of everyone involved. I would describe myself as a strategist and program director with a passion for helping enterprises move to the next level in brand recognition, marketing, and sales enablement through integrated campaigns and processes.

Jim Thorpe

Director of Outreach

Entheos opened doors for me I didn't even know existed. Unfulfilled by a
singular profit-driven focus in the practice of law, Entheos gave me a new sense
of purpose in life. I joined Entheos to give back and be with others who are
devoted to giving back. The members, volunteers, and leadership team all
changed my life in 2017. I'm thrilled to be able to work with such amazing people
and help others achieve the same heightened state of being in 2018.
My goals are to help members start and run local non-profit projects; assist in
planning our member meetings; plan, organize, and provide on-ground support
for our humanitarian trips; meet and develop leads for recruiting; and provide
support wherever there is a need.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

— Booker T. Washington

Board of Directors

As a member-owned cooperative, the Board of Directors provide oversight of management and operations.

Our Services / Value

Learn about the services and value Entheos offers to members.

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Humanitarian Trips

Provide the Gift of Hearing to under-served, yet deserving people around the world. Volunteer on a trip and be ready to inspired and reminded why you became an audiologist!

Give As You Go


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Entheos Audiology Cooperative provide its members?

Entheos has partnered with premier vendors who see the value of our model and the vision of growing hearing healthcare. In return they have offered significant discounts on products to members and rebates to support the growth of our group. But this is a small part of the story.

Entheos also has consulting tools to assess and improve the operations of your practice, staff development and help you evolve as a leader of your organization and contributor in your community.

But at its heart, Entheos is aimed at expanding the Give-Back model to help you grow your private pay practice without relying solely on traditional advertising. It is a way to capture the hearts and minds of your prospective patients, wrap your arms around your current patients and engage your community, while staying above the noise that relying on direct response marketing often creates. We believe that this model can fundamentally change your business for the better and create fun and exciting ways to help even more people with your personal talents and gifts. We know it works and have created a number of ways that you can start to benefit from your membership from the very beginning. You participate by simply being a member and can grow from there at your pace.

What is a cooperative? How is that different from other groups?

Entheos is a true 100% member-owned cooperative and is guided by the expertise and ideas of the members of our board of directors. The board is entirely composed of and elected by Entheos stockholders – those private practice hearing care professionals who make up our member-owners. In contrast to other organizations in the industry, Entheos management is not owners and serves at the pleasure of the board. The benefits of the group are fully realized by members – including dividends on par with their contribution. The nature of a true cooperative is that members reap the benefit from their efforts, not simply managers and executives. This distinguishes Entheos, a true cooperative from other corporate structures.

Who is the Executive Team?

Interim CEO and Chief Vision Officer Nora Stewart leads our executive management team. Nora is an audiologist and has over 15 years of experience in the field. The management team works together with employees to serve our members around the country.

What about the stock purchase requirement? What happens if I decide to leave?

As a cooperative, members must buy into the company to join and in return receive an equity stake and vote. Each member practice buys one share of Class A stock, which includes the right of one vote, and one share of Class B stock, which is equity with the right of dividend.

Class A stock is $1,000 and is due upon joining, the Class B stock is $4,000 and payable within 3 years of joining. These shares do not appreciate and are non-transferable. If you chose to leave Entheos you must sell your shares back to the company for a total of $5,000 if all B shares have been purchased. You may leave Entheos at any time with written notice. We want our members to feel the value of ownership and membership.

Our affiliated vendors are enthusiastic about our members and have offered a package of benefits to help offset the cost of equity buy-in. We are excited to outline those benefits in detail.

How do I sign up?

Joining is as easy as completing a few simple forms to affiliate your vendor accounts with Entheos to receive member pricing and benefits. The stock purchase process is very straightforward and your vote and dividend right is recorded with our attorney for SEC compliance. Our membership support team will then begin the process of understanding your particular needs and your vision for both you and your practice.