Doctors change the lives of Guatemalans Publinews – Guatemala City (Wednesday, January 11, 2017)

By March 5, 2017 Media

From Monday 9, and until Thursday, January 12, a group of US audiologists are in San Pablo la Laguna, Sololá municipality, changing the lives of many people with hearing problems.

The  Entheos Group is a community of audiologists throughout the American Union, who as part of their objectives have to give the community with more needs the possibility of listening and being able to lead a normal life.

This time they have received support and donations from many people and have managed to bring a team of almost 40 audiologists from California, Oregon, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as 9 students from some universities in the United States.

 In only two days they have attended more than 300 people with consultations and studies, and have placed close to 60 hearing aids. They are likely to evaluate more than 500 people and place more than 100 hearing aids at the end of the day.

Magic moments: The smile of the listener

Every day in Guatemala, doctors are accumulating special moments of gratitude from their patients. One of the most emotional moments is the laughter of a child, who has never heard, the moment he first perceives a sound.They know him as ” The Hearing Smile ” or ” The Smile of the Listening

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