10-Year-Old Braden Baker is hearing-impaired.  He has been featured in People Magazine as well as the Ellen DeGeneres show.  When Braden’s dog ate his hearing devices twice, his mother had a talk about money with him.  Braden realized many kids do not have the ability to afford hearing devices.   

Braden started a GoFundMe page to raise $3,000 to help other kids.  Originally, Braden raised $15,000. Now, Braden turned those donations into 100 hearing devices donated to Clarity Audiology in Ellicott City, Maryland.  Dr. Mary Carson will take those hearing devices along with Braden and his mother on a “Hearing the Call” humanitarian trip to Guatemala from November 12th through November 17th 

During that week, the team will set up a make-shift clinic in the Panajachel area of Guatemala to help give the gift of hearing to dozens of children and adults.  Braden will get a chance to see first-hand what his donation will do and how many lives he will change for the better.  

“Not being able to hear is like being dead,” says Vincente, a teacher recently fitted with a hearing aid and helped on a hearing care trip to Guatemala.  Vincente has a wife and four kids. Unbeknownst to his family, he came to the clinic because he was having trouble hearing his students and family.  Vincente has moderate hearing impairment, and the hearing device he was fitted, changed his life.   Vincente broke down crying at the new hope he had for the future, saying he will now be able to better help his students more than that his own kids will have a brand-new father.   

With kids, it is even more important because in developing nations like Guatemala, if a child cannot hear, they have a very limited future.   

Interviews and video will be available prior to and during the “Hearing the Call” Humanitarian trip to Guatemala.  The team has in the past supplied video and audio to television news stations around the U.S such as NBC6 in MiamiWISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin as well as stations in Rochester, NY, Fort Wayne, IN, Toledo, OH and more.  

The video has no restrictions.  The team will be able to supply a station with daily news stories of this amazing trip. Local stations will have complete editorial control over all the materials. 

Please contact Alan Wagmeister at or (260) 609-8745 for more information and talk about potential video opportunities.