Hearing The Call: Guatemala WNWO – Toledo (Monday, January 9, 2017)

By March 5, 2017 Media

It’s a trip that viewers like you made possible.

Over the next five days, the team from Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic is now in Guatemala for the “Hearing the Call” mission trip.

Throughout the week, this group of audiologists will bring hearing health care to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it. The group will screen more than two thousand people, most of them children. The first step for the mission group, training students on the team how to perform each station in the clinic. This operation usually takes weeks here in the United States but overseas it’s accelerated.

“Everything is faster here you know testing, fitting, the hearing aids, and they’re out the door, all happens in one day. Where in Toledo, you test them and they come back, for hearing and consult then they come back and then they’re fit so it’s one day here and so everything is faster here.” Said Dianna Randolph, Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic.

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