Hearing the Call: First day in Guatemala WNWO – Toledo (Thursday, January 5, 2017)

By March 5, 2017 Media


With a new year comes a new chance for kids and you made it possible. NBC 24 partnered with Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic on Hearing the Call.

In just a few days, audiologists from across the United States will embark on a journey to Guatemala, hoping to help thousands of children with the gift of hearing. Dianna Randolph is just one of the audiologists from Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic, hoping to make a difference in central America.

“There is a lot of remote areas that do not have hearing healthcare at all. A lot of children, I believe I was told 1,800 children who never had any hearing healthcare, any hearing screening,” said Randolph.

Without help from organizations like Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic, many children would be forced to live in silence. In effort to help as many patients as possible, the nonprofit collects monetary donations as well as used hearing aids, which are then refurbished. Those donations are used overseas and right here in our community.

“It’s called the circle of giving, so we are helping the patient with hearing aids and we want them to pay it forward by helping someone else in the community, another organization,” said Randolph.

The goal of these mission trips is create program sustainability in countries like Guatemala and Jordan, as hearing health and hearing aids must be maintained. As Randolph joins the mission team for the first time, she is just hoping her 18-years of experience as an audiologist will help set the example during the five clinic days in Guatemala.

“Experiencing Central America, and just seeing how it’s like and seeing how other people live and I’m just looking forward to helping people,” said Randolph.

Hearing The Call coverage from Guatemala begins on Monday January 9th.

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