We know you want to create a vibrant successful practice. In order to get that you need to have a strong culture.

Running a practice is hard – there are so many things you have to think about like finances and payroll getting patients in the door finding the right people they just don’t have time for culture.

And that makes you feel frustrated especially when your employees don’t get behind you

We understand how upsetting it is that have everyone care about your practice the way you do.

We know that a strong culture can alleviate these challenges and create an environment where you and your team are striving to do your best for your patience and your practice and that’s why we created the cultivate your culture series. These are a three one-day workshop is designed to help you develop and nurture and realize your dream culture. through these work shops you’ll discover your culture vision and values learn strategies to align your team with your culture vision and then use that culture vision when you reach out to your patients. In the end you’ll create a vibrant successful practice where your team and patients love your practice as much as you do.


Develop the Culture Vision that will influence your work environment.


Identify the emotions and mental imagery that your Culture Vision creates.


Understand and challenge beliefs of your employees.


Use your Culture Vision in your interactions with patients.

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Branding Your Core